Somalia Cabinet approves anti-terrorism amendment bill

Published: May 15, 2015

Somalia Cabinet approves anti-terrorism amendment law
Somalia’s federal government has signed the anti-terrorism amendment law after it was rejected by the country’s federal Parliament last year.
The bill was unanimously passed in the cabinet’s weekly meeting held in Mogadishu on Thursday. It was chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister in absence of the Premier.
Following the meeting, Government’s spokesman Mr Ridwaan Haji Abdiweli told journalists that the law when operational would enable the government have the powers to punish groups and individuals involved in terrorism.
‘’ Terrorists are a threat to our nation’s security and also the region. The government is determined to deal with them,’’ he said in a Press Conference.
If passed by the Parliament, the law is expected to target groups such as the al-Qaeda-linked militant al-Shabab.
According to sources from the government, the bill which will later be presented before the Parliament for final approval, is aimed at curbing the menace of terrorism and giving special powers to security forces. It also provides ensuring protection of witnesses in terrorism cases.
Anti-terror law was first introduced by the former cabinet in 2014 but it failed to proceed to the country’s parliament for approval due to undisclosed reasons.
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