Somalia complains of mistreatment of citizens in foreign jails

Published: May 11, 2016

Somalia complains of mistreatment of citizens in foreign jailsSomalia’s Attorney General has said that different forms of injustices are perpetrated against Somali citizens in foreign jails, Horseed Media reports.
Delivery his speech at a ceremony in Mogadishu, Mr Ahmed Ali Dahir stated that most of the citizens are even held without charges for many years, a breach to international human rights law.
Mr Dahir added that the Somali authorities are working on the repatriation of the citizens to serve the rest of their jail term in their motherland.
The Attorney General mentioned India as an example, whereby some of the Somali citizens died in prisons due to hard living conditions.
Thousands of Somali citizens are in prisons around the world, with most of them accused of Piracy and breaching immigration laws or Illegal business. Some of them have been already convicted while others are still waiting to be prosecuted.
Horseed Media

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