Somalia denies deal over deportees from Denmark

Published: May 21, 2015

Somalia Immigration and Citizenship department Head
Somalia Immigration and Citizenship department Head

Somalia’s Federal government has denied that it accepted to receive a number of deportees from the Danish government last week, an official has said.
Director of Immigration and Citizenship department Mr Abdullahi Gafow dismissed reports claiming that the both sides have reached an agreement on the deportation of four Somali citizens who were forcibly brought back to Mogadishu.
‘’ There is no any agreement which we reached with the Denmark concerning that issue and there’s no way we will enter such an arrangement,’’ he said in an interview with the BBC Somali Service.
He accused Danish officials of deceiving to the Somali deportees, by not informing them that they will repatriate them back to their home country.
‘’They lied to them by saying they will be taken to a different location but at the end found themselves deported to Mogadishu,’’ he added.
Last year, Somalia’s government clearly refused to receive any forced deportees from the European Countries who had failed to get the asylum they were seeking for.
Human rights and advocacy groups have voiced their concerns on deportation of Somalis seeking for asylum, saying that it represents a clear violation of international refugee conventions.
Millions of Somalis fled the country after the Central government led by former President Siyad Barre was overthrown in 1991. Most went to neighbouring African countries but large numbers sought sanctuary in Europe and America.
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