Somalia: Denmark forcibly deports Somali asylum-seekers

Published: May 18, 2015

Somalia  DenmarkDenmark has forcibly deported back to Mogadishu four Somali refugees who were seeking for asylum, Horseed Media reports.
According to Somalia’s Federal government officials, the four were forced to return after their asylum applications failed to be accepted by the Danish authorities.
One of the deportees, Abdullahi Abdi Omar who spoke to reporters in Mogadishu airport said that he had been in jail for eight months prior to his deportation.
‘’I went to Denmark in September and applied for asylum…. But I ended up in a jail for eight months and after that directly we were forced to return to Somalia,’’ he said.
Last year, Somalia officials refused to accept any forced deportees from the European countries, urging authorities to respect the rights of the asylum seekers.
Human rights and advocacy groups have voiced their concerns on deportation of Somalis seeking for asylum, saying that it represents a clear violation of international refugee conventions.
Tens of thousands of Somalis fled the country after the Central Government was overthrown in 1991 and civil war emerged. Most went to neighbouring countries but large numbers sought sanctuary in Europe and North America.
Horseed Media

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