Somalia: Federal Govt to resume official talks with breakaway region

Published: October 7, 2015

Somalia: Federal Govt to resume official talks with breakaway regionHalted negotiations between Somalia’s Federal government and the breakaway region of Somaliland is expected to resume after recent talks broke down in Turkey, a senior official has said.
Somalia’s deputy Prime Minister Mohamed Omar Arte said the talks will officially restart again soon to resolve political and economic issues.
‘’We expect a very positive outcome from the upcoming talks and bring all of us closer and united rather than divided,’’ he said.
In March, the talks between both sides collapsed after Somaliland delegates refused to sit with the delegation from Mogadishu, saying that some of the federal delegation members actually hail from territory claimed by Somaliland in the north-western region.
But the Mogadishu delegation stated that Somaliland had no right to dictate who should be or should not be in their team.
Somalia wants Somaliland to be part of a united country. But the territory, which declared independence from Somalia in 1991 and has been a haven of relative peace amid the chaos and bloodshed in the country’s south, is seeking international recognition. The international community is urging the sides to find a negotiated solution.
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