Somalia: Former PM warns Federal Govt leaders to extend term

Published: August 12, 2015

Somalia: Former PM warns Federal Govt leaders to extend termFormer Somalia Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has warned the country’s Federal government leaders to extend their terms beyond 2016.
Mr Farmajo, who is expected to run for the Presidency in the coming year has said any extensions might lead to ‘’civil unrests’’.
‘’If the current President thinks of extending his term in office, it will be a major setback and will cause mass protests,’’ he said in an interview with a local radio station.
Last month, Somalia’s government leaders ruled out the possibilities of holding national elections due to security and facilities challenges. The move was heavily criticized by the Somali communities and Politicians.
Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said that he will not seek for term extension. However, there are still fears in many minds and concerns raised by civil rights organizations over recent utterances by political figures calling for an extension to the President’s tenure.
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