Somalia gives Turkish firm 20-year contract to run Mogadishu port

Published: August 26, 2015

Somalia gives Turkish firm 20-year contract to run Mogadishu port
Somalia’s Federal government has given a Turkish firm a long-term contract to run and upgrade the Mogadishu international airport, Horseed Media learns.
Turkish construction Albayrak Group and Somali government officials signed a 20-year agreement to upgrade and run the operation of the port by the firm.
The Albayrak Group Company is charged with bringing in new technology to modernize the cargo hub to international standards.
Somali labourers at the port raised concerns about the move, insisting that their jobs will be handled by Turks.
‘’We will no longer be employed nor have the opportunity to work at the port. All our jobs are going to be handled by Turks and we don’t know how we will earn our livings,’’ said one of the labourers.
The Port of Mogadishu has been one of the only employers for many Somalis for decades.
Members of the Somali Federal Parliament have raised questions over this long-term deal and how it was processed.
Earlier this year, the Federal government’s donor-backed committee consisted of the accused the government of awarding foreign firms management contracts ranging from port and airport operations to fishing rights, voicing frustration at the handling of public funds, prompting the creation of a committee to analyse the deals.
Most of the major contracts signed by Somalia’s government in the past two years were not tendered competitively and should be renegotiated or scrapped, according to a confidential report.
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