SOMALIA: Government Downplayed the death of Football Legend Because of His Son’s affiliation with Al shabaab

Published: July 11, 2014

Somalia lost first Somali National Football Captain Mohamed Qalaf Aden Shangole. He was a man who inspired a lot people as his former teammates revealed. He later became an icon of the Somali Sports arena where he continued and actively involved all types of Sports.

When Somali Football Federation and SFF Media Department announced the death of Aden Shangole in Mogadishu on last Tuesday, they started receiving condolence from prominent sports officials around the world.

Instantly, the Somali Football Federation President Ali Said Guled Roble received a written letter from the President of the World Football Body (FIFA) Mr. Joseph S. Blatter who asked him to convey his condolences to the Somali People and Somali Football family –

Also, the President of the confederation of African football (CAF) Issa Hayatou who informed the Somali Football Federation that shares the Somali Sport community with the loss of their iconic and offered condolence to the people of Somalia through SFF Media Department.

One of the African leaders that the Somali Football Federation received the warm condolence was CECAFA secretary General Nicholas Musonye who informed SFF that he shares with his brothers and Sisters in Somalia in mourning the death of their Football icon. He requested that the CECAFA requested SSF and its Media Department to convey their sincere condolences to the family and the entire football family of Somalia.


Somali Football federation secretary General Abdi Qani Said also indicated that the legend, Shagole, will be missed and added that his legacy will live in and guide the next Somali generation around the country years to come.

Yet, the President, the Prime Minister or the Speaker of the Parliament – the three heads of the Somali executive branches, leaders of the current regime and our country’s icons has not yet commented about the death and the legacy of Somalia’s first national team captain Mohamed Qalaf Aden Shangole.

However, the sport community suspect that the government is intentionally avoiding to honor the legend’s legacy because of his son’s affiliation of Terrorist Group called Alshabab. Therefore, the Diaspora Sports Groups strongly condemn if Shangole’s legacy to be associated with and held captive to in his son’s association of Alshabab Terrorist Group.

Mohamed_BarreReporting by: Mohamed Barre ‘Junlay’ – Somali independent writer who lives in Minneapolis, MN –