SOMALIA: Increased Security Measures in Mogadishu

Published: July 9, 2014

Security Conference between the council of Ministers, Benaadir Regional Administration and the Defense committee in Parliament was held last night in Mogadishu chaired by H.E Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed. Matters concerning heightened security measures were broadly covered, obstacles discussed and further solutions formulated.

At the opening of the gathering, H.E Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed highlighted the outcomes of a meeting he recently held with H.E President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, Honourable Speaker of Parliament and Members of Parliament in which they exchanged different views on the most strategic and viable methods to prevent terror attacks by the “enemies of peace”. At the end of that forum discussion, the Federal Government of Somalia has reiterated the necessary magnitude of strengthening security in the country.

Furthermore, H.E Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed stated that the gathering will be a focal point for H.E President Hassan Sheikh, Honourable Speaker, MPs and relevant security forces; the aim was to share their views on critical matters concerning the country with security as a major priority. The Prime Minister informed security officials and agencies to implement the decisions agreed upon from the previous meeting to discuss security and public cooperation to overcome enemies who conspire against peace and freedom.

In addition, as the Press conference concluded the Minister of Defense and acting National Security Minister Mohamed Hassan Xaamud stated that the meeting will be taken as a collective measure of the Federal Government of Somalia and its people. Acting National Security Minister also urged the brave citizens of the Mogadishu to contribute to security and unite against those who which to terrorize the nation.