SOMALIA: Interior Minister protests against new agreement on South West State

Published: June 25, 2014

Somalia’s Minister of Interior and Federal Affairs Abdullahi Godah Barre has protested the new agreement between the two rival groups of the South West State Somalia which was signed in Villa Somalia on Monday.

Speaking to the BBC Somali Service on the phone from Djibouti, Mr Barre described the 11 points agreement as illegal saying that his ministry was not involved in the preparation of the agreement.

“My ministry is not aware any of the agreement. I can really say it is unfortunate that some people are contravening the work of my ministry,” the minister added.

Minister Godah reiterated that he was very concerned that some of the members of the government are rushing to form regional states while most of the regions are still under the control of al Shabaab militants.

“We prefer to put our efforts on liberating the regions currently under the control of the militants then to work for setting the procedures and laws that govern and elect the Federal Member States,” he noted.