Somalia MP injured in Mogadishu drive-by shooting

Published: April 5, 2016

Somalia MP injured in Mogadishu drive-by shootingA member of the Somali Federal Parliament has been hospitalized following a drive-by shooting in the capital Mogadishu on Tuesday, Horseed Media reports.
Gunmen fired shots at the car of MP Mohamed Ali Daheye in Hamar weyne district, which led to the death of his driver and a bodyguard, a security official confirmed to Horseed Media.
The gunmen fled from the scene before the security forces arrived.
Al-Qaeda linked extremist group al-Shabab has claimed the responsibility of the attack. The group is fighting to implement Islamic shariah law in the war ravaged country.
Since 2012 when the new parliament was formed, at least 15 legislators have been gunned down in Mogadishu. Most of the assassinations have been claimed by al-Shabaab yet others were politically motivated.
Horseed Media

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