Somalia MPs banned from overseas travel to pass crucial Bills

Published: April 28, 2016

Somalia MPs banned from overseas travel to pass crucial BillsWith less than five months left of Parliament’s mandate, Somalia’s Federal Parliament speaker has banned members of the Parliament from travelling abroad, Horseed Media reports.
Speaking at a session in Mogadishu, Mr Mohamed Osman Jawari said the move was made in order to pass crucial bills and meet deadlines.
‘’We have a lot of work to accomplish and there will be no foreign trips. I encourage members to concentrate on what matters at the moment,’’ he said.
Several Parliament sessions have been cancelled due to lack of quorum of the members in the past few weeks. Mr Jawari warned MPs who are still abroad and not willing to participate in the sessions.
The current Parliament which was formed in August 2012 has been widely criticized by many for not executing their duties to the expectations and been fuelling the country’s political crisis.
Horseed Media

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