Somalia: MPs refuse calls for dialogue on President Impeachment motion

Published: October 6, 2015

Somalia: MPs refuse calls for dialogue on President Impeachment motionMembers of the Somali Federal Parliament have vowed that they will not hold talks with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud over the recent impeachment motion.
Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Osman Jawari declared last month the motion was dropped and called for a dialogue between the Parliamentarians and the President over the ouster motion, which is expected to happen on 7th October.
On Tuesday, Mr Jawari called for the members of the Parliament to attend the meeting.
Jama Mohamed Mohamoud, one of the MPs believed to have tabled in the motion in August, has accused the speaker of Parliament of not being ‘’neutral’’.
‘’ He [Speaker of the Federal Parliament] is siding with the President and no longer neutral on this motion. Therefore, we are not going to attend the meeting nor meet the President regarding the impeachment motion.
‘’Our decision is very clear; the motion is still there and we won’t withdraw.’’
Somali legislators have accused the President of rampant corruption, political nepotism and incompetence since he came to power in 2012.
According to sources, it is believed that the International Community played a big role in throwing out the motion to avoid a political crisis.
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