Somalia: MPs table President impeachment motion

Published: August 13, 2015

Somalia: MPs table President impeachment motionMembers of the Somali Federal Parliament have filed a no-confidence motion against President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, accusing him of violating the constitution.
The 9-paged motion was handed over to the Speaker of Parliament on Wednesday evening by a group of Parliamentarians after meeting the requirements of the number of MPs to table in a motion.
According to reports, the no-confidence motion was signed by a total of 115-MPs.
Somali legislators have accused the President of rampant corruption, political nepotism and incompetence since he came to power in 2012.
‘’We have been preparing this motion for the last six months and we believe that there is no other way of solving what is going on in the Presidential office,’’ said MP Abdi Hosh.
Impeaching the President would require the submission of a notice signed by not less than one third of the Parliament eligible to vote to the speaker of Parliament for the process to get underway.
But obtaining the minimum number of 125 signatures will be a massive boost for the MPs.
Last year, Somali MPs called for the President to step down after failing to address growing insecurity. It is understood that the President managed to divide the lawmakers who had moved to table a no-confidence motion against him.
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