Somalia: New military chief vows to continue battle against militants

Published: September 27, 2015

Somalia: New military chief vows to continue battle against militantsNew Somalia’s chief of army General Mohamed Aden Ahmed has said the army is determined to confront all the challenges facing it and to defend the country.
Speaking in a ceremony where the ex-military chief handed over the oath of office to him, the new military chief vowed to continue the war against the militants who are fighting to overthrow the UN-backed government.
‘’I promise that my team and I will continue from the achievements reached by our colleagues… the battle against our enemies will continue and we hope to defeat them totally,’’ he said.
The new army chief, however called for a close cooperation and commitment from the different security sectors.
Once one of Africa’s largest militaries under former dictator Siad Barre, toppled in 1991, Somalia’s national army was been torn apart by decades of clan rivalries and the absence of any effective government to actually serve.
Somalia faces profound challenges reforming its security sector. Issues include an underdeveloped national command and control system, competing clan-based loyalties, limited equipment and resources, and discipline concerns.
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