Somalia: Over 50 Somali citizens arrested in Angola

Published: August 23, 2015

Somalia: Over 50 Somali citizens arrested in AngolaAbout 100 Somali nationals are reported to have been arrested by the Angolan Police after operations targeting illegal immigrants were launched last week in major cities.
A Spokesman of the Somali community in Angola Mohamed Dek Diblawe told a local radio station that most of the people arrested were local traders and were accused by the Police of not documented.
‘’ Police detained while they were doing their businesses and some of them were tortured and yet others are not able to get food while in prison,’’ he said.
He added that the actual reason behind their arrests was after other foreign business rivals reached a deal with Police agents to move the Somali businessmen from the area due to their ‘’successful businesses’’.
In the past two decades, many thousands of Somalis have fled conflict at home and moved to some countries in Africa like Angola, where many have opened small shops and kiosks in townships.
In the age of the globalization, the most entrepreneurial communities win. It’s not just a matter of individual success but some communities that possess certain skills will emerge to dominate significant sections of the economy.
With their country in shambles for over two decades, one can easily assume that the Somali must be the most impractical people with the worst management skills. But if their success in business is put into consideration, nothing could be further from the truth. The Somalis rank amongst some of Africa’s most entrepreneurial communities.
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