Somalia: Over 5000 Somali refugees stuck in Yemen port town

Published: May 27, 2015

Somalia: Over 5000 Somali refugees stuck in Yemen port townThousands of Somali refugees trying to escape the Violence in Yemen are reported to be stuck in the Port town of Mukalla, Southern part of the middle-eastern country, an official has said.
About 6000 refugees are currently stranded in Mukalla city who are not able to gain the means of transport to leave the country due to economic reasons, says the Somalia’s committee for the evacuation of Somali citizens in Yemen.
According to one of the committee members, Batula Ahmed, the situation of the refugees is deteriorating.
‘’ They are lacking money to hire the boats used to travel from their and their conditions are worsening day-by-day because they don’t have sufficient money to get their daily livelihoods,’’ she said.
A boat journey from Yemen to the port towns of Bossaso and Berbera in Northern Somalia roughly takes 12-hours, crossing the dangerous red sea.
The conflict in Yemen had not only had an impact on Yemeni nationals, but also on the thousands of Somali immigrants who have went there to work, study or live or pass through to reach another destination.
More than 10,000 Somalis have managed to escape the violence since April, according to government and International organization statistics.
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