Somalia Parliament passes new bill regulating foreign workers

Published: September 1, 2015

Somalia Parliament passes new bill regulating foreign workersSomalia’s Federal parliament has unanimously approved a new bill aimed at curbing foreign employment.
According to lawmakers, the bill requires firms to satisfy the authorities that no local could do the job before employing a foreigner.
Somalia has seen a huge influx of foreign nationals since the Central government in 1991, with many of them carrying out skilled and semi-skilled jobs.
‘’There are many foreign workers who are in the country without working permit. From now onwards, we will deal with this issue,’’ said Deputy Parliament Speaker, Mahad Awad.
Many companies, education institutions and International & local organizations in the region rely on foreign workers to meet their manpower needs.
According to researches made, the unemployment rate for youths in Somalia is among the highest in the world, at a startling 67% among all 14 to 29-year olds. Most disconcertingly it stated that only 40% of Somali youths were actively looking for work leaving behind a hopeless and deeply discouraged majority group, arguably more vulnerable than any other to turn to extremism and criminal behaviour.
Unemployment and poverty in Somalia have forced many young people to emigrate in search of a better life through perilous journeys across deserts and seas.
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