Somalia pledges commitment to creating jobs for graduates

Published: May 1, 2015

Somalia PM
Somalia PM

On his address to the nation on world’s Labour Day commemoration, Somalia Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali has pledged that his government will focus more on creating jobs for the graduates.
Mr Sharmarke first paid tribute to all the workers for their immense contributions and sacrifices they have been making towards transforming the country into a better place. 
‘’World Labour Day is a day to mark the efforts made by the workers to transform their communities from poverty…… We continue to see the contribution of the nation’s workers as important to Jamaica’s broad development and prosperity,’’ he said in the statement.
He added that the government will continue to attach great importance to youth employment creation, revealing that they will create opportunities for young graduates.
Last week, the federal government passed a new law that will prohibit the foreigners to take jobs that the local youths are able to do.
While the majority of Somalis spent the day at home as all government institutions were closed with the exception of necessary facilities like hospitals, the day also provided a chance to reflect on the current status of the labour force. Unemployment rates present a sobering reality.
In a UNDP study released in 2012, It revealed the unemployment rate for youths in Somalia to be among the highest in the world, at a startling 67% among all 14 to 29-year olds. Most disconcertingly it stated that only 40% of Somali youths were actively looking for work leaving behind a hopeless and deeply discouraged majority group, arguably more vulnerable than any other to turn to extremism and criminal behaviour.
Unemployment and poverty in Somalia have forced many young people to emigrate in search of a better life through perilous journeys across deserts and seas.
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