Somalia President confirms candidacy for 2016 elections

Published: October 14, 2015

Somalia President confirms candidacy for 2016 electionsWith less than a year left for the 2016 Presidential elections, Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud has for the first time announced that he intends to run for the Presidential seat.
Speaking to a group of Diasporas via online, Mr Mohamoud strongly denied of being a member of the Damul Jadid party – a faction or splinter group from Al-Islaah- a moderate Somali Islamist movement formed in the late 1970s and affiliated with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.
‘’I want to start a new culture, of course I am a candidate… if am elected I will continue, if not I will hand over the power to whoever is elected.’’
Mohamoud was elected in 2012 following the first peaceful elections held in the country for more than three decades.
In July, Somalia’s Federal Parliament and government announced in a joint session that there is no a possibility of holding national elections across the country.
The decision was criticized by the Somali citizens and regional administrations who said that the government failed to implement one of its pledges when it came to office in 2012.
Members of the Federal Parliament accused the President of rampant corruption, political nepotism and incompetence since coming to power after tabling an impeachment motion which failed to progress.
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