Somalia President rules out postponement of elections

Published: May 6, 2015

Somalia President rules out postponement of electionsSomali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud firmly ruled out possibilities of postponing next year’s Presidential elections, put to rest the rumors that he was considering to extend Presidential term.
Speaking to Journalists in Mogadishu, Mr Mohamoud strongly stressed that his government is working on holding next year’s elections, saying the rotation of power is the right path in democratic life.
‘’There is no way we will extend our term. A new government will come as soon as ours ends…… we don’t want to put this country in a turmoil,’’ he said in the Press Conference.
But the President put a doubt in the possibility of holding elections in all the territories which some of them are still controlled by the extremist group al-Shabaab.
His remarks came shortly after the U.S Secretary of State paid a landmark visit to Somalia.
Mr. John Kerry said in a video message to the Somali people that the Federal government leaders along with the regional administrations had assured him peaceful and democratic elections will be held in next year.
President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud was elected in 2012 following the first peaceful elections held in the country for more than three decades.
Since last year, speculations have been going around over the possibilities of holding national elections across the country. Some sources revealed that the government was planning to ask the parliament to extend its term for a further two years.
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