Somalia: Prime Minister calls for immediate cease-fire and reconciliation among the warring clans

Published: September 28, 2015

The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H.E. Omar Sharmarke, who gave a press conference today in Mogadishu, made a peace appeal to the feuding clans in Mudug and Sool regions of Somalia. The Prime Minister called out for immediate cease-fire and reconciliation among the warring clans, he urged to seek peaceful settlement for both clans who cohabit together in those two regions.
“It is regrettable to see the occurrence of conflict in these two regions, and I call out to both warring sides to immediate unconditional cease-fire, and remind them that conflict and unnecessary loss of lives will not resolve anything other than escalate animosity. Somalia has moved away from the era of decaying clan conflicts, we now seek development, peace and prosperity,” said Prime Minister Sharmarke. He added that he has communicated with the elders of the warring clans and asked to resolve the conflict through peaceful solution in which they have accepted.
Prime Minister Sharmarke in his press conference also mentioned the recent car bomb in the entrance to Villa Somalia. He sent his sad condolences to the families who lost loved ones in that barbaric terrorist attack, and prayed to Allah SWT for the speed recovery for those who were injured. The Prime Minister called to the Somali public to unite together in the fight to eradicate the remnants of Al Shabab terrorist group from Somalia.
Furthermore the Prime Minister gave a detailed plan of his imminent trip to New York where he will attend and give a speech in the General Assembly of the United Nations. This will be the 70th UN General Assembly and the theme is SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals in which Somalia will be an active participant. Prime Minister Sharmarke also pointed that he will attend a High Level Meeting concerning Somalia, and noted that he expects the outcome will benefit the drive to develop Somalia.
The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia also cited the notable progress in numerous paths his government has attained in the last several months. He underlined that in due course they will complete the establishment of State Governance for Hiran and Middle Shabelle. He promised the process will be fair and transparent and meet the needs and aspiration of the inhabitants of both regions.
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