Somalia: Puntland arrests suspects linked to UN Staff attack

Published: April 25, 2015


Police in Somalia’s semi-autonomous region have arrested several suspects linked to the recent suicide attack on a mini-bus carrying UNICEF staff members that left at least seven people dead, officials have said.
The police commissioner of Nugal region Ahmed Samatar told journalists that several numbers of suspects have been arrested following operations in Garowe.
‘’ Since the attack the security forces have carried out massive operations and arrested a number of people including suspects involved in the bomb attack,’’ he said, urging the residents to have collaboration with the security agencies and report any threats.
However the police official declined to give further details on the suspects.
Following the attack, security measures in the Puntland capital has been maximized near vital and strategic utilities.
Al-Qaeda-linked militant group al-Shabaab claimed the responsibility of the attack, claiming that the United Nations organization is one of their ‘’enemies’’ and vowed to continue targeting its officials.
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