Somalia: Puntland Opposes makeup of Electoral, Boundaries and Judicial Commissions

Published: May 9, 2015

Puntland Vice President
Puntland Vice President

Puntland has kicked out against the recent appointment of the Electoral, boundaries and Judicial service commissions by the Federal government of Somalia.
The semi-autonomous state Vice President Abdihakim Amey accused the Federal government of breaching the provisional constitution and also neglecting an agreement between the regional states and the Central government.
‘’As far as we are concerned the commissions appointed by the Federal government none of them concerns us…. The government did not make any consultation with us which clearly breaches the constitution and agreements between the federal government and member states,’’ he said in a Press Conference.
Mr Amey insisted that Puntland’s role was not to ‘’look after’’ the constitution but working on the prosperity and unity of Somalia.
The new Electoral, Boundaries and Judicial service commission were approved by the Somalia’s federal cabinet and will be presented to the Parliament in an unspecified date for final approval. Federal government officials said that the commissions were made in a move to secure the 2016 goals.
Under the terms of Somalia’s provisional constitution, the Electoral commission is responsible for the registration of voters and the conduct of free and fair elections.
In the past, Puntland and the Federal government have had political disputes on the provisional constitution and most recently the formation process of a federal state in the Central region, with some of Puntland’s territories included.
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