Somalia: Puntland Parliament’s Speaker Steps Down

Published: October 28, 2015

Somalia: Puntland Parliament’s Speaker Steps DownThe Speaker of the Somalia’s autonomous state Parliament has announced that he has stepped down from his post on Wednesday in a press conference.
Mr Saeed Hassan Shire, resigned after members of the Parliament tabled-in a no-confidence motion against him. They accused the ex-speaker of breaching the constitution and failing to execute his duties.
Mr Shire accused senior government officials and influential lawmakers of plotting the motion against him.
”The motion filed against me is totally baseless…. if i have done any kind of mismanagement am ready to face the justice,” he said.
After announcing his resignation, Puntland lawmakers welcomed the decision of the former Parliament speaker and are expected to elect a new speaker.
Saeed Hassan Shire was elected as the Parliament speaker in January 2014 and has stayed in office less than two years.
According to analysts, the resignation of the Speaker might spark political turmoil in the region.
Puntland, a region in northeastern Somalia, declared itself to be semi-autonomous from Somalia in 1998 as fighting raged through most of the country. Since the region has been calm and had a functioning constitutional government with its own security forces.
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