Somalia: Puntland starts major relocation of Yemeni refugees

Published: June 9, 2015
Yemeni refugees arriving in  their new accomodation
Yemeni refugees arriving in their new accomodation

Somalia’s autonomous state of Puntland has started the relocation of hundreds of Yemeni refugees who have fled the violence in the middle-eastern country.
The camp-to-apartment resettlement program started on 8 June, following weeks of planning and preparation by the autonomous state in collaboration with the International aid organizations and local businessmen.
In the first major resettlement program, about 200 refugees were transferred from an overcrowded makeshift settlement in Bossaso to Gardo, a city which is some 250-KM South of the Commercial hub town where they have been staying. They were warmly welcomed by the local authorities and residents.
In their new accommodation, they were given blankets, sleeping mattresses, kitchen sets and other household materials.
‘’We thank the government and people of Puntland for the brotherhood treatment since we arrived here. We didn’t expect to be welcomed in this way,’’ said one of the families after arriving in their new residing place.

An official from the minister of Interior of the Puntland government told journalists that they are committed to provide assistance to the refugees fleeing the conflict within their capabilities. He urged the aid donors to do more help and play their roles.
Since the conflict erupted in Yemen, more than 300 refugees have arrived in the stable autonomous region.
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