Somalia Recalls Ambassador to Kenya

Published: April 27, 2014
Somalia Recalls Ambassador to Kenya
Somali Ambassador to Kenya

Somalia has recalled its ambassador to Kenya after the Kenyan Police arrested the Consular general.

Following an emergency meeting of cabinet ministers Saturday, the Federal government decided to recall its ambassador, Mohamed Ali America for consultations over the ‘’unlawful’’ detention.

Somalia’s minister of Information Mustafa Dhuhulow told Journalists that the government will discuss also with the Ambassador on the current on-going Eastleigh Crackdown, whereby Kenyan forces have targeted Somali refugees.

Kenyan Government has declined to explain why it detained the Consul general who was arrested on Friday night.

Somali Parliament Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari described Kenyan’s attitude as violation of all international conventions.

The Somali government had been earlier criticised for not responding to the Kenyan ‘’unlawful’’ acts towards its top diplomat.

Analysts say that this could be a beginning of a diplomatic row between both of nations.

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