Somalia reveals its position towards the Saudi-led military operation in Yemen

Published: April 7, 2015

Somalia reveals its position towards the Saudi-led military operation in YemenSomalia has revealed its role towards the Saudi-led military offensive in Yemen against the Houthis rebels backed by the Iranian government.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdisalam Hadliye said that his government won’t be ‘’neutral’’ on the on-going anti-houthis operation.
‘’ Somalia is a member of the Arab league of nations, we are on the policies taken by the other members… we are against the overthrow of a legitimate government,’’ said the minister while talking to the media.
The airspace, land and sea of Somalia can be used to launch attacks on Yemen if needed, added the minister.
Last month, Saudi officials requested Somalia’s federal government to use its sea during the operation.
Saudi Arabia has been leading an air campaign since March 26 against the Houthis and their allies, military units loyal to Hadi’s predecessor, ousted autocrat Ali Abdullah Saleh.
Many Arab league nations have raised out their concerns towards the approach used in the Yemen uprising conflict, most them calling for a dialogue way rather than military approach which they believe will worsen the situation.
The Violence in Yemen has left many Somali citizens who were living in the impoverished gulf nation trapped, despite the federal government announced it is planning to evacuate them.
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