Somalia security forces ‘arrest key al-Shabaab commander’

Published: April 25, 2016

Somalia security forces ‘arrest key al-Shabaab commander’A key al-Shabaab militant commander has been arrested by the Somali Intelligence and security forces in Mogadishu, according to an official.
The spokesman of Benadir province, Abdifatah Halane, has told the media that security forces raided a special operation at the district of Kahda on Sunday night when they received the information from the residents about the militant’s presence in the area.
He added that the wanted al-Shabaab commander surrendered to the security forces without resistance.
The militant, described as Hassan Mohamed Siyad (Fanah), has been wanted by Somalia’s intelligence service, National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) since last year, carrying $2000 bounty on his head.
Officials say that the militant masterminded several attacks on the Somali and African Union forces in Southern Somalia.
Security forces have launched a major security operation in the capital Mogadishu over the past few weeks, searching for explosives and weapons and militants. Security officials have asked the public to comply with and assist their efforts as much as possible. This includes reporting any suspicious behavior that could be related to insurgent activities.
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