Somalia slams Somaliland for refusing to grant entry to Somali returnees

Published: May 30, 2015
Abdisalam Hadliye
Somalia Foreign Affairs minister

Somalia’s Federal government has strongly criticized the breakaway region of Somaliland’s decision for refusing Somali returnees to arrive in its territories.

Abdisalam Omar Hadliye, Somalia’s Foreign Minister said that the act was ‘’strange’’ and totally a breach to the Universal declaration of human rights and refugees.

It is something me and the government cannot understand why it was done. This kind of act is against the international conventions on both human and refugees rights, he said in an interview with the BBC Somali Service.

Mr Hadliye added that the Somali refugees fleeing from the violence in Yemen have the utmost right to return to their country and live in any region they want.

What sense gives you to send back to the sea a mother and her kids who are begging for water and refuge?” he asked Mr Hadliye.

Last Thursday, a ship carrying about 50 Somali returnees and dozens of Yemeni nationals arrived in Berbera port. However, the breakaway region officials paved the way only for the Yemenis and Somalis who only hail from their regions yet the other Somali returnees were forced to remain on the ship.

Asked on the self-proclaimed state’s reason of ensuring security & lack of international aid for the shock decision, he said that it is something ‘’inexcusable’’ and ‘’unacceptable’’.

Despite of the criticism from the minister, he did not state any steps that the Federal government is planning to take against Somaliland on this act.

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