Somalia: UAE donates armoured and unarmoured vehicles to Jubba administration

Published: May 26, 2015

Jubba interim leader received the military aid in Kismayo port
Jubba interim leader (Second right) along with other officials received the military aid in Kismayo port

The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has donated dozens of armoured vehicles to the interim regional administration of Jubba, Horseed Media reports.
Interim leader of Jubba administration Ahmed Mohamed Madobe received the military hardware aid in the port town of Kismayo, which is also the capital of the administration. Part of the aid is also unarmoured Toyota/LandCruiser-type vehicles.
Al Shabaab militants continue to pose threat in the region by launching attacks in the territories controlled by Jubba.
The UAE is playing a great role in the rebuilding of the Somalia army in the past few years, as its interest in the Horn of African nation continues to grow.
Somalia’s Federal government has promised to rebuild a strong national army.

Horseed Media

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