Somalia: Uganda Chief of Army visits troops to boost morale after attack

Published: September 4, 2015

Somalia: Uganda Chief of Army visits troops to boost morale after attack
Uganda’s chief of defence forces, General Edward Katumba Wamala, made an unannounced morale boosting visit to Janale district in Southern Somalia where Uganda’s African Union peacekeepers stationed were attacked by the al-Shabaab militants this week.
On arrival at the scene of the attack which also serves as the peacekeepers’ base, the top army official was briefed on how the attack had happened and met some of the soldiers who were present during the assault.
‘’I came one, to assess how the situation was and to get a clear picture; how the whole thing happened, and also establish whether they were any flaws in terms of the response. I am convinced that the boys put up a good fight.
“I just want to give assurance to our partners and also to the other soldiers that all is under control and definitely nothing much to worry about,’’ General Wamala said during his visit to Janale.

General Wamala flied to Somali capital Mogadishu one day after attack and held talks with the AMISOM senior officials.
On Thursday, the bodies of 10 Ugandan soldiers who died in the attack were flown back to Uganda.
It is still unclear on the exact number of Ugandan soldiers that lost their lives in the attack but some Western sources were quoted that 50 soldier died.
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