Somalia’s Constitutional Reform Commission Chairperson resigns over 'Interference'

Published: May 6, 2015

Mrs Asha Gelle announcing her resignation
Mrs Asha Gelle announcing her resignation

The Chairwoman of Somalia’s Independent Constitutional Review Commission announced that she has stepped down from her post on Wednesday.
Mrs. Asha Gelle Dirie, said that she left her job because she was no longer ‘’permitted’’ to do it ‘’independently’’. She accused the committee members of incompetency and not ready to take their roles.
‘’Regretfully, I may state with due respect to all concerned in the committee that I have failed in my hope…. There is a lot of interference from interest groups on our work which clearly states that should be independent,’’ she said, declining from revealing the parties she accused of the interference.
Mrs. Gelle thanked her colleagues and apologised to them.
She said she has carefully decided and apologised all friends for not consulting them.
Significantly, her resignation came ahead of a crucial year whereby the Constitutional review committee will have to amend the provisional constitution as next year elections approaches.
The 5-member Constitutional Review commission was established in 2014 in a move to amend the country’s provisional constitution adopted in 2012.
Mrs Gelle, who served as a minister in the Puntland administration for almost a decade, is in the committee as a representative from the autonomous state, which has several times accused the Federal government of undermining the constitution.
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