Suicide Bombing in Central Somalia Kills at Least 6

Published: September 28, 2023
Suicide Bombing in Central Somalia Kills 6

Buula Burde, Somalia – A suicide car bombing in the central Somali town of Buula Burde killed at least 6 people on Thursday, local officials reported. The bombing took place at a crowded livestock market in the Hiran region of Somalia.

According to eyewitness accounts, a Land Cruiser exploded after security forces opened fire when they discovered the vehicle was rigged with explosives. The blast killed mostly civilians and injured 11 others.

Buulaburte qarax

Images from the scene show extensive damage caused by the explosion. This bombing comes just days after a similar attack killed 30 people in the nearby city of Baledweyne last Saturday.

Officials believe the al-Shabaab militant group is behind this latest attack, as well as the foiled car bombings in Dhusamareb on the same day. The al-Qaeda-linked insurgent group has carried out frequent bombings and assassinations in Somalia in their campaign to overthrow the central government.

Authorities are investigating the source of the explosives and any information that could lead to the arrest of those responsible.