SOMALIA: Ethiopia opens consulate in Puntland

Gen.Abdisamad Ali Shire, Vice President of Puntland

The Honourable Gen.Abdisamad Ali Shire, vice President of Puntland State of Somalia, opened the first Ethiopian Consulate in Garowe, Puntland on 29 May 2010.

The ceremony was attend by the Ethiopian Ambassador, Puntland officials and local leaders.

Puntland and Ethiopia have a strong security and trade relationship, said the Ethiopian Ambassador to Puntland, MrAsmalash. The Ambassador emphasized the importance of Puntland-Ethiopia relations. The Consulate General of Ethiopia in Garowe, will focus on trade and immigration issues, as well as security relations.

This ceremony coincided with the successful completion of general elections in Ethiopia, says the Ambassador.

The minister of foreign relations and Planning of Puntland, Dr. Daud Mohamed Omar, who also attended the ceremony welcomed the opening of the consulate, saying it will improve the relations between the two neighbouring regions.
“…this office will help many Somalis who frequently travel to Ethiopia…” said the minister.

The vice President of Puntland, Gen.Abdisamad Ali Shire, who officially opened the consulate said the opening of the consulate was part of his government’s efforts to improve the ties with Ethiopia.

Dr. Daud Mohamed Omar, the minister of foreign relations and Planning of Puntland

The opening of the consulate comes just a week after Ethiopian troops killed more than 14 civilians in Buhodle town, in Cayn region of Puntland State.

The clash in Buhodle was one of the bloodiest in Puntland for years, Ethiopian soldiers killed 14 civilians in the town, after the locals protested against the incursions and the harsh treatments of the Ethiopian border troops.

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  1. says

    as we know ithopia is the beggest anemy of somalia
    ithopia does not want see somalia free from her.but it wants to control on somalia as colonist
    but ithopians must now no body could be able to control our homeland one we shall reunite insha alaah

  2. Reality-check says

    Re: Sharmarke Tanadeh:
    Fragmentation of Somalia cannot be blamed for external forces only, insidious disease that plagues the Somali nation is to be blamed. For Instant, the very name of Tanadeh donotes tribal sickness. So Mr. Tanade, I believe, no one can dominate us as long as we set aside our tribal hatred. Puntland and Somaliland provided their constituent stability, families can work and raise children and they sleep at nigt without being afraid of being mortar bombed. Why do you blame these entities for providing normalcy for their people.Opening a consulate at Growe saves travel time to Mogadishu. FYI Ethiopia had an Embasy In Mogadish

  3. raajaa says

    as somalians, we are under colonial of westerns in many ways….1…westerns are paying our poeple to kill each other by taking the advantage or poorness and poverty..2…they are u using us other african crhristian dominant nations such ETHOPIA…to hand to westerns any body who seems to be againest western intrest…how ever, if we don’t understand that without reaching a peace and sastainable compromise with in our poeple…no bady is gonna help us to restore the peace and our dynamic nationhood…

  4. says

    The somali situation is a fertile proposition that makes a lot of money for some and takes the lifes of others. The game here is to practically hold the poor somali people in this state for so long as it is possiple. Conflict means money, money to All east african countries, Ngo, Faith groups and they all share their income with a respective somali warlord/war-sheik. Look at african countries like rwanda and brundi after their conflict were over and they had peace the economy took a down turn. The world donates hundreds of millions of dollars each year since 1991… where is all the money? it paid for weapons to keep the conflict going?

  5. runsheeg says

    I’m so sorry to see kind of bolshit thinks that land…land ,maffiyo doing

    this is just spying agency ever one must know ???

    while Ogadenia people strungling to get freedom, and expectting another somali part for help
    look what happing , big mafiya says they wanna make relationship with ethiopia and ethiopia kills everday 10×10 somali peole

  6. Sharmarke Tanadeh says

    Another step toward the fragmentation of Somalia and the creation of foxholes and their warlord leaders. Ethiopia’s ultimate aim is to dismember Somalia. Those puppet regimes in Somaliland and Puntland are just like the homelands in South Africa created by the Whites during the Apartheid era. The Somali people are always against the Ethiopian domination and rule. ONLF are struggling hard to get rid of the yoke while some parts of the Somali nation are to be controlled by ‘consulars’ from Abbyssinia. This Somali nation will not accept this. Let the rulers of Somaliland and Puntland be aware that the Buhodle incident is the begining.

  7. Ahmed says

    Good to see consulates opening up in Puntland. This will give both nations good ties however we must tell ethiopia that our border is 8 states and we shouldn’t negiotate that with them, once they see you negiotate they will keep trying their luck on you.

    President Farole needs to address the SSC issue permanately once and for all.