20 people injured in Somalia bus crash

Published: January 9, 2016

20 people injured in Somalia bus crashAt least 20 people were injured when a passenger-ferrying bus collided with a Toyota Noah in Central Somalia on Saturday, health officials say.
The bus was on its way from Mogadishu to the Central town of Dhusamareb when it collided with the car. Reason behind the collision is still unclear.
Most of the injured people are women and children who have been taken to a hospital in Dhusamareb where they are currently receiving treatment.
‘’The injuries they have sustained are minor ones and we are able to handle all their conditions here,’’ said the Director of Dhusamareb hospital Ahmed Mahdi.
Road accidents are common in Somalia due to poor road construction, badly maintained vehicles, routine disregard of traffic laws, and lack of proper driving skills.
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