Somalia: Al Shabab executes five men for spying and helping US drone strikes

Published: January 1, 2016

Alshabab terror
The terror group Al Shabab in Somalia executed at least five men on charges of spying for the US government, on Thursday.
The militants carried out the mass executions in the city of Saakow in the Middle Juba region, south of Somalia.
All of the victims were young men, four of them were shot dead, while one man who they accused of helping the US intelligence with their drone strikes was beheaded.
According to eyewitnesses the names and ages of those killed were; Adan Mohamed Iska 19, Abdi-Najib Osman Osoble 19, Abdullahi Hasan Abukar 19, Abdinasir Ali Mohamed 21 and Ahmed Ali Ibrahim 22.
Middle Juba has been under Al Shabaab’s control since 2008.
Somalia’s government, with support from African peacekeepers and Western intelligence, has battled to curb al Shabaab’s influence and drive the group from Mogadishu in 2011.

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