3 Police officers killed in Somalia Car Bomb attack

Published: March 9, 2016

3 Police officers killed in Somalia Car Bomb attackMilitant group al-Shabaab on Wednesday detonated a car bomb near a police academy in the capital, Mogadishu killing three police officers and a female businesswoman, officials said.
A suicide bomber struck a car laden with explosive materials at a restaurant very close to the Police academy in the Abdiaziz district, where Police officers were having breakfast.
At least three Police officers and the owner of the restaurant died at the scene, the Police commissioner of Benadir region Ali Barre confirmed to the media.
‘’ We managed to capture the suicide bomber alive. He is in a critical condition.’’
Al Shabaab which carried series of attacks in the Capital in the past few weeks took the responsibility of this attack.
Somalia is trying to rebuild after two decades of civil war and lawlessness, but persistent attacks in the capital have complicated that effort. This latest attack once again exposes the weaknesses of the Security agencies of the Federal government.
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