Building border wall not a way to foil Al Shabaab attacks – Somalia Minister

Published: June 3, 2015

Somalia Internal Security Minister
Somalia Internal Security Minister

A Somali minister has warned against Kenya’s move to build a wall along the border of the two countries, saying that it will not address the security threats posed by al-Shabaab insurgents.
Earlier this year, the government of Kenya revealed plans to build a separation border in a bid to contain the al-Qaeda-linked militant group who have carried out deadly attacks across Kenya in the past few years.
According to Kenyan officials, the 440-mile wall will guarantee continued control of the border crossing by the security forces.
Minister of Internal Security Abdirisak Omar Mohamed warned such a move, insisting that it will provide al-Shabaab a new chance and ‘’might create other problems’’.
‘’The building of the wall will not address the security problems. It is not a way to combat or foil al-Shabaab attacks,’’ he said in a Press Conference.
Analysts have also said that the move of the Kenyan government has not come at the right time as al-Shabaab’s influence in parts of Kenya has grown.
Somalis living across the border believe that the move is aimed at ‘’isolating’’ them.
In the last few weeks, militants from the group have made movements in North-eastern province and most recently preached residents Jihad at a Garissa mosque.
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