Calls for Somalia Internal Security Minister to resign after deadly beach attack

Published: January 27, 2016

Internal Security minister Abdirizak Omar
Internal Security minister Abdirizak Omar

Somalis from all walks of life have called for the resignation of the country’s Internal Security minister Abdirizak Omar Mohamed following the recent deadly brutal assault that claimed the lives of at least 25 people in Mogadishu’s popular beach of Liido.
A group of al-Shabaab gunmen attacked two beachfront restaurants with gunshots and explosions, taking a number of civilians as hostages. A 10-hour siege led to the death of many innocent lives.
Lido beach, located in the Northern part of the city is usually crowded on weekends – Thursdays & Fridays – with families enjoying the beach, playing football or swimming in the Indian Ocean waves.
Senior political figures have criticized the country’s security authorities for not countering the threats of the militants which has been growing over the years.
‘’After such a massacre, the minister should not remain in his chair. If he respects the memory of the deceased, he has to resign,” said a leading Political figure.
A member of the civil society groups questioned on the lack of cooperation between the security agencies and civilians.
‘’Civilians are losing their precious lives in a cruel and cheap way. It seems the security agencies don’t have effective measures to handle such a group which is a big shame,’’ said Abdi Said.
Since assuming office in February 2015, al-Shabaab terrorists have carried out spectacular attacks on several hotels and restaurants in the capital. They have also killed several government workers and other members of the civil society.
In 2014, former Internal Security minister Abdikarim Hussein Guled – now the President of Galmudug administration – stepped down from his post after the al-Qaeda-linked militants attacked the Parliament’s house close to the Presidential Palace.
Al Shabaab insurgents have staged a string of assaults in their fight to overthrow the country’s internationally-backed government. They have targeted hotels, the international airport, Villa Somalia, a United Nations compound and restaurants in a bid to discredit claims by the authorities and AU troops that they are winning the war.
According to security experts, the growing strength of insurgents in Mogadishu is due to the slow response of the Somali government and lack of professional military with counterterrorism units, robust intelligence-gathering and sharing initiatives.
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