China donates $13 million to Somalia

Published: April 1, 2015

Somalia'a Foreign minister and Chinese signing an agreement.
Somalia’a Foreign minister and Chinese signing an agreement.

China and Somalia have signed a new agreement to strengthen their diplomatic relations and cooperation on Wednesday.
Somalia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdisalan Hadliye and China’s ambassador to Somalia Wei Hongtian met in Mogadishu to discuss on both countries’ relations.
Part of the agreement, China donated $13 million to the Somali Federal government, to boost its efforts on rebuilding the country’s infrastructure, health, Education, economy and other development programmes.
‘’ China will continue its support towards the development and stabilisation of Somalia,’’ the ambassador said in a Press Conference after signing the agreement.
Somalia’s Foreign minister welcomed the continued support of the Peoples’ Republic of China.
Last year, China handed over $20,000 cash aid to the Somali government, to tackle the emerging drought and food crisis in parts of the country.
China re-established diplomatic relations with the Somali government and re-opened its embassy in Mogadishu last years after 24 years it was closed.
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