Ex-Bank Chief accused of ‘Corruption’ by the UN appointed as Somalia’s FM

Published: January 30, 2015

Ex-Bank Chief accused of ‘Corruption’ by the UN appointed as Somalia’s FMFormer governor of Somalia’s central bank, who was accused of being involved in corruption in a UN report has been appointed to serve as the country’s new Minister for Foreign affairs this week.
Abdisalam Hadliye Omar, quit in September 2013 after U.N. monitors linked him to irregularities regarding millions of dollars withdrawn from the central bank, though he denied those allegations.
The U.N. Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea said in July 2013, that Mogadishu’s central bank had become a “slush fund” for political leaders and that Omar had played a central role in irregularities surrounding unaccountable disbursements.
His Successor, Yussur Abrar, who was the first female appointed to such a position unexpectedly resigned after seven weeks in the job, citing corruption concerns. In a letter, she claimed that she had been pressured to accept arrangements she believed would open the door to corruption by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud’s aides.
Somalia Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke appointed his new cabinet on January 27, but they have not yet gained vote of Confidence from the Parliament.
It was the second time the Prime Minister appointed a new government. He was forced to dissolve his first cabinet in the mid of this month after the MPs vowed to not approve, accusing several ministers in the cabinet ‘’incompetency’’ and involved in the recent political wrangle between the President and former Prime Minister.
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