Germany Continues Support for Training of Somali Armed Forces by EU

Published: March 6, 2015

Somali NewsThe German Cabinet has extended the mandate of the German contingent of the EU Training Mission to Somalia.
The EU Training Mission to Somalia trains recruits of the Somali National Army and provides strategic advice to the General Staff and to the Ministry of Defence. Germany has been participating in the EU Training Mission to Somalia since its inception when it started to train Somali soldiers in Uganda.
German Ambassador PESCHKE said on this occasion: “The renewed mandate shows our continuous commitment to improving security in Somalia. Important progress has been made in stabilising the country. However, it is still long a long way to go before lasting peace will be achieved. Germany remains a faithful partner to Somalia on this path.” 2014 has seen the move of EUTM Somalia to Mogadishu with the establishment of the Jazeera Training Camp and with stronger relations to the government counterparts than before. The German contingent will again be mandated for a strength of up to 20 personnel.
The German Federal Parliament still has to confirm this mandate.
For further information, please contact:
Martin Falk
Head of Press & Cultural Affairs
German Embassy

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