Hundreds of flights had to be canceled in Europe due to the storm

Published: February 10, 2020

Hundreds of flights and train services have been canceled because of a storm in Europe.

Heavy winds and rainfall have occurred over a large area of ​​the British Isles, France, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia.

In the UK and Ireland, electricity has been cut off from tens of thousands of households.

Flooding and meteorologists in northern Britain have continued to warn against strong winds and rain even after Ciara.

There are 170 flood warnings. Flood warnings have also been issued in Ireland.

At its fiercest, the winds were blowing at over 40 meters per second at Aberdaron, Wales.

A storm warning was also given in northern France. People have been advised to avoid traveling by the sea.

Flights to Amsterdam, Schiphol, Brussels and German airports, for example, had to be canceled.

Spurce: AFP

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