Jubaland President criticizes ‘slow’ Int’l community support for rebuilding Somalia national army

Published: February 29, 2016

Jubaland President criticizes ‘slow’ Int’l community support for rebuilding Somalia national armyJubaland regional administration leader has criticized the International community of being slow in the process of rebuilding the country’s national army, Horseed Media reports.
Speaking to journalists in the port town of Kismayo on Monday, Mr Ahmed Mohamed Madobe stressed that the lack of a strong and effective national army as one of the major challenges facing the country’s stability.
‘’The International community are very slow in their support and rebuilding of the national army. AMISOM troops are not also getting their rights always.’’
For over five years, the International community has been funding the process of rebuilding the country’s army which has gone through different phases.
Discussing possible solutions to the threats poised by al-Shabaab militants, he urged the Federal government and regional administrations to form a collaboration strategy to confront the terror group.
Jubaland President also suggested the Somali soldiers to take charge of security at the Villa Somalia Presidential Palace which has been under the command of the African Union forces for almost a decade.
Once one of Africa’s largest militaries under former dictator Siad Barre, toppled in 1991, Somalia’s national army was been torn apart by decades of clan rivalries and the absence of any effective government to actually serve.
Military experts believe that Somalia’s security forces have a long road to travel before they can take charge of the country’s security, but with the commitment to change and the significant funding pledged, they may be marching in the right direction.
Horseed Media

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