Loud explosion heard from blast near Somalia airport

Published: March 7, 2016

Beledweyn airport
Beledweyn airport

A major blast on Monday rocked the vicinity of Beledweyn airport, Central Somalia, eyewitnesses said.
According to some sources, the explosion occurred after one person with a laptop computer bag was stopped by security officials but detonated the explosives in it immediately.
At least six people including one African Union peacekeeper were left wounded in  the explosion.
It is also not clear if the bomb was obviously meant to explode on a flight, something that Somali government officials would naturally find embarrassing after the recent Daallo airlines planes incident in Mogadishu.
Beledweyne airport bomb attack comes one month after a bomb blast caused by a laptop computer containing a bomb ripped through on a Somali passenger plane, killing the suspected bomber and injuring two passengers.
Al-Shabaab claimed the responsibility of the Daallo plane bombing which caused major panic among Somali government officials.
More updates to follow soon.
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