Multiple blasts rock southwest Somalia town, 1 Ethiopian peacekeeper dead

Published: March 5, 2016

Multiple blasts rock southwest Somalia town, 1 Ethiopian peacekeeper deadMultiple explosions have ripped through the southwestern Somali city of Bardhere on Saturday, Horseed Media reports.
Loud explosions were heard early in the morning, targeting AMISOM’s Ethiopian troops and Somali government forces’ convoy.
Bardhere, which is some 400 kilometres West of Mogadishu, was a major stronghold for the al-Shabaab militants before they lost to the Somali and AU forces last year.
According to authorities, at least one Ethiopian peacekeeper and a civilian died.
“There were five improvised explosive devices explosions. One Ethiopian soldier died at the scene and another civilian,’’ said Abdi Sheikh Hassan, a senior Police official who spoke to the local media.
The Police official added that the Somali and AMISOM forces managed to remove out other Improvised explosive devices which were planted in other areas in the town.
In the aftermath of the explosions, the troops opened fire indiscriminately which left at least three people wounded.
There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the explosions, but authorities said that they bore the hallmarks of the militant group al-Shabaab.
Ever since losing key towns in Southern and Central Somalia, the group has staged guerrilla attacks and suicide missions across the country, mostly in the capital, Mogadishu killing civilians and government officials.
Horseed Media

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