Prime Minister Abdiweli chairs Somalia Development and Reconstruction Facility meeting

Published: June 13, 2014

newdealPrime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed chaired the Somali Development and Reconstruction Facility meeting alongside Michele Cervone d’Urso, EU Ambassador to Somalia. They discussed ongoing accomplishments and continuous dialogue between the Federal Government of Somalia and their International partners. Vision 2016 highlights challenges such as security, social services, economic development and long term political stability which must be overcome. Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed has firmly reiterated the International community’s immense friendship and support towards the rehabilitation of Somalia and the betterment of the Somali people.

Addressing members of the SDRF, the Prime Minister, said:
“The SDRF was established as the centrepiece of the New Deal partnership to enhance the delivery of effective assistance to Somalia, serving both as a financing mechanism and a broader aid coordination structure.

“I acknowledge the presence of representatives from the UN and the World Bank, I’m glad we are moving in the right direction on the Multi Partner Trust Funds”

The Prime Minister discussed the necessity to focus on Peace Building and State-Building Goals (PSG’s). Creating inclusive politics, access to justice, improving economic foundations, providing equitable services to citizens and strengthening revenue collection are equivalent to the 2014 Work Plan. He also outlined the Capacity Development Programme which will streamline capacity support to the Ministries; this will commence in the autumn.

The Prime Minister also emphasized the importance of women in Somalia and their strength throughout difficult times. Somali women have a leading role in ensuring lasting peace throughout the nation. Abdiwali Sheikh Ahmed discussed the role the youth are taking for the betterment of Somalia and their future.

“Let’s not forget our future generation, our youth. These young people have also been on the forefront of my agenda. Ensuring access to primary and secondary education; sports programs and jobs for young people will propel Somalia to a stable future.” The Prime Minister said.

Finally, the government has taken great steps to emphasis the alignment of the Work Plan to the PSG’s and the SDRF which will aid the joint vision to achieve greater unity of international financing with the compact priorities. Ultimately the success of the compact will be determined by whether or not it improves the lives of Somali citizens. Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed has re-affirmed his commitment to the New Deal Compact and stressed the importance of honoring commitments made in Brussels by the international community to start delivering to the Somali people.

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