Puntland President Receives AU High Representative for Somalia

Published: October 15, 2011

14 October 2011

The President of Puntland State of Somalia, H.E. Abdirahman Mohamed Mohamud (Farole), has met with the African Union’s High Representative for Somalia, H.E. Jerry Rawlings, and the Special Representative of the AU Commission Chairperson for Somalia, H.E. Ambassador Boubacar Diara.
During the Thursday meeting, President Farole was accompanied by Puntland’s State Minister for International Cooperation Abdulkadir Abdi Hashi.
Rawlings, who is the former President of Ghana, had returned from a short trip to Mogadishu, where the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) backed by African Union peacekeepers (AMISOM) is fighting against Al Shabaab terrorist group.

The leaders discussed a range of issues, including security, implementation of the Roadmap, relations between Puntland and AMISOM, among other relevant topics.
Earlier on Thursday, President Farole briefed U.S. Special Representative to Somalia H.E. Ambassador James Swan about the situation in Somalia in general, and Puntland in particular.
On Friday morning, the President met with U.K. Special Representative to Somalia, Matt Baugh, where discussions centered around the President’s upcoming visit to London, where the Puntland leader is expected to hold talks with U.K. officials.
Later Friday, President Farole met with U.N. Special Representative to Somalia, H.E. Ambassador Augustine Mahiga. Minister Hashi, Ports Minister Said Mohamed Rage, Deputy Interior Minister Ali Yusuf Hosh, Puntland Election Chairman Mohamed Hassan Barre, and Puntland Liaison Officer in Nairobi Ali Jama Hassan, accompanied the President during the meeting.
Ambassador Mahiga briefed President Farole about the next steps of the Roadmap process and explained the importance of the political will of Somali stakeholders during this critical process.
President Farole emphasized the importance of the constitutional process, saying that completion of the Federal Constitution is a top priority for Somalia.
The President’s delegation arrived in Nairobi on Wednesday and the delegation is expected to fly to London on Sunday.
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