Somali army kills 6 al-Shabab militants in central region

Published: January 23, 2022

Somali National Army (SNA)’s special forces, Gorgor, killed six al-Shabab militants and foiled a car bomb attack at a military base in Guriel town in Galgudud region in central Somalia, officials said Sunday.

Odawa Yusuf Rage, commander of SNA told SNA Radio Mogadishu that the militants’ commander who was in charge of Guriel and El-bur town in the region, was among those killed there.

“We killed six al-Shabab terrorists and foiled a car filled with explosives in which they wanted to detonate at SNA base in Guriel overnight,” Rage said.

He said that the army recovered weapons and a vehicle during the operation, adding that the army will remain vigilant and are committed to counter terrorists.

Al-Shabab militants did not comment on the latest onslaught by the government forces.

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